Perception is an iceberg: what we see scratches the surface of what lies beneath.

This concept is probably highlighted best in the era of social media, where we have become all too familiar with the thin veil of understanding that most people have about agriculture. It’s difficult to break through the surface to see the whole picture, because it takes time and effort to truly understand the depth of the subject.

The iceberg metaphor applies to CAAR, too. Many see the handful of most visible services CAAR offers through this magazine or the CAAR Conference, and assume CAAR’s support for their business stops there. They don’t see that CAAR’s presence is far broader, waiting just below the surface to back our members when they need us, and working behind the scenes to prevent issues before they surface.

We recognize the complexity that comes with being a business in the agricultural field. Retailers are impacted on all sides: regulations, codes of practice, human resources, financials, inventory, staff expertise and industry trends are just a handful of the complexities retailers face daily. It has become an intricate balance of sales and service, layered with compliance to a myriad of regulations, while somehow staying ahead of a game where the players and rules keep changing.

You need CAAR in your corner.

In recent years, we have had a growing number of opportunities to defend our sector, share your value and help protect agri-retailers’ freedom to operate.

  • CAAR participates in dozens of events, meetings, and roundtables every year, and too often finds that the purpose and value of agri-retailers is poorly understood. CAAR is a vocal advocate for retailers at these events, talking to hundreds of people about the value of our sector.
  • CAAR has offered official comment on multiple regulatory and industry code revisions, to ensure changes don’t have an unnecessary negative impact on retailers.
  • CAAR helps more retailers every year with issues specific to their operations, often saving them thousands of dollars in lost business or penalties.

CAAR is making a difference. CAAR will continue to work hard every day to find new and more impactful ways to make a difference, and build the tools that are essential to agri-retailers. And above all else, CAAR is here – in your corner and working behind the scenes – to ensure the long-term viability of the agri-retail industry.

On The Surface

  • Communications. Our communications continue to evolve, bringing you new ways to access the information agri-retailers need to know.
  • CAAR Conference. The only Canadian national event for agri-retailers, focused on building your team and your business.

Below The Surface

  • Member Support. A growing number of members are turning to CAAR with their toughest questions, and finding help.
  • Advocacy. We are the voice at the table when you are unable or unaware of the need to speak for yourself, ensuring your business and rights are defended.
  • Training. A growing suite of programs offering new insight or ensuring regulatory compliance are custom built for agri-retailers, saving you time and money.
  • Staffing. CAAR is building new tools and partnerships to help address our members’ primary challenge: human resources.
  • Awareness. We are loud and proud about the critical work agri-retailers do, and the valuable, trusted relationship they hold with farmers.
  • Networking. With business becoming more complex, it is more important than ever to connect quickly to a network of expertise to find the answers you need.


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