Investing in Certified Seed

Successful trainees receive: A full understanding of the quality assurance, innovation, traceability, and return on investment Canadian farmers receive when they purchase Certified seed. Certified Crop Advisors are eligible to receive 0.5 CEU credits in Crop Management.

This interactive course has been developed by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association to assist Canadian seed retailers to develop the knowledge required to help educate grower customers on the benefits Certified seed provides for individual growers and the Canadian seed industry.


  • how Certified seed is produced;
  • the role it plays in bringing crop innovation and opportunity to growers;
  • how it delivers quality assurance;
  • the role it plays in managing risk and maintaining markets for Canadian-grown crops.
  • how to assess the value of Certified seed from an input cost perspective compared to bin-run or common seed;
  • how seed retailers help their grower customers determine and understand the significant return on investment they receive when purchasing Certified seed.

This course is offered online only.

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