Attendees of the CAAR Conference were witness to an important presentation this morning, one that marks a milestone for the association and for employers in the agri-retail sector.

The Operation Ag Careers program, which helps retiring Canadian Armed Forces personnel find a second career in the agriculture industry, is now officially under way.

Major Jo-Anne Flawn-LaForge, Delaney Ross Burtnack and Andrew Hurrell proudly present Operation Ag Careers.

CAAR today announced the launch of their customized version of AgriJobMatch. an employment website aimed at exposing candidates to the variety of opportunities available in agriculture. This site, developed in partnership with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council, will be an important component of the Operation Ag Careers initiative.

CAHRC’s Andrew Hurrell worked closely with the CAAR staff to create their customized version of CAHRC’s AgriJobMatch site, and to bring this element of the project to fruition.

“Everyone at CAHRC is thrilled about this, because we really appreciate the Operation Ag Careers initiative,” said Hurrell. “This is an opportunity for us to support CAAR’s initiative in a very tangible way.”

“The purpose of our job board is to draw new candidates, those who may have never considered ag careers, into agriculture. Operation Ag Careers completely lines up with our premise, and actually takes us to a whole new audience – the military personnel – that we hadn’t previously considered. It broadens the pool of candidates, which is a win for the whole industry.”

Major Jo-Anne Flawn-LaForge has been working with CAAR to develop Operation Ag Careers for the past three years. She sees great potential for the program’s ability to connect qualified military personnel with rewarding and valuable careers.

“Because of the diversity and variety of the jobs available, there’s something for everyone,” she said. “Agriculture is a very noble industry in the sense that it’s giving back to the community, giving back to the country, and we couldn’t survive without it.”

Click here to learn more about Operation Ag Careers.

Click here to visit the AgriJobMatch website.

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