Established in 1995, the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR) was incorporated as a new national association following the dissolution of the regional Western Fertilizer and Chemical Dealers Association (WFCDA). 

The association was founded on the mandate of CAAR speaking as the unified voice for the agri-retailer on the political and public stage, whether local, provincial or federal. Since its inception, CAAR has become well-known among politicians, and is a respected advocate on Parliament Hill. We strive to make a difference for our members, and we continually work to improve the value we provide. It is only through the support of our membership that we are able to offer value and continue to be a player on the political scene.

CAAR is the only national association dedicated to uniting ag-retailers across Canada. There is strength in numbers, and we at CAAR recognize that by coming together we can leverage that strength to make a difference for you, our members – differences like fighting to keep regulations manageable in your business, negotiating better prices with suppliers, and keeping you connected to your colleagues and competitors in the industry.

For the past 25 years, the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers strived to serve our members through industry leadership in professional development and knowledge sharing by:

  • Providing expert consultation on new and changing industry regulations;
  • Facilitating learning and continuous professional development;
  • Providing leadership in the development and use of industry standards;
  • Promoting our industry to politicians, media and the general public;
  • Recognizing excellence and outstanding achievements at our annual awards night; and
  • Providing networking opportunities through a variety of events during the year.

CAAR membership is available exclusively to companies that are engaged in providing products and/or services to the ag-retail sector, as well as the organizations who work for the advancement and sustainability of agriculture as a whole.

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