Committee report praises Canadian agricultural eco-practices

Canadian farmers are at the forefront of merging agricultural productivity with environmental conservation, as highlighted in a recent report to the House of Commons.

Canada launche $12M methane reduction challenge

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada introduces a challenge to reduce methane emissions in cattle farming.

Perception gaps exist between farmers and consumers

Research by Nutrien identifies key differences and similarities in agricultural views between farmers and North American consumers.

18 action steps for farmer aid proposed by CFA

Canadian agriculture is at a crossroads with rising operational costs and regulatory challenges threatening the industry's financial and mental health.

agrēGrain by Tronia Systems

agrēGrain by Tronia Systems is a complete grain terminal management solution. (Sponsored Content)

CCA is once again launching a series of live online tutorials to assist individuals seeking to write the CCA exam to be better prepared.

Sollio Agriculture opening new plant in Ontario

In Mid September, Solio Agriculture inaugurated CRF Agritech in St. Thomas, Ontario.