CAAR and the CSGA offer a lesson on the importance of certified seed.

Three speakers at the 2016 CAAR Conference discussed finding opportunities in a landscape of changing loyalties.

Agri-retailers reach out to emergency response contractors to fill the ERAP resource gap.

Biting off manageable pieces and reaching out for support will help agri-retailers show their ERAP who’s boss.

Agri-retailers play an important role in helping agriculture defend its practices.

Dennis Bulani’s Ultimate Yield Management Institute teaches producers how to take results into their own hands.

CAAR's Choice Retailer Hall of Fame

What is the secret to a long, productive career in agriculture that spans decades and fosters loyalty and lifelong friendships?

The Chairman's Award

What do you get when you mix a lifelong career in agriculture, a strong sense of community and an enthusiastic, infectiously positive personality?

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Agri-Retailer Award
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Richardson Pioneer isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to taking a fully-formed approach to best agronomy practices.

The annual CAAR Conference is my favourite time of year, and this is entirely due to the exceptional people in our industry.

CAAR’s 2016 Honour Roll showcases some of the best in agri-retail customer service and commitment.

We’ve all heard the old adage “practice makes perfect”. It’s been around since the beginning of time and is a concept many people strive towards, myself included.

Make the most of it! People are interested not only where, but who their food comes from. This is our time to shine.

Agri-Retailer of the Year Award
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If you work for McEwen’s Fuels and Fertilizers, you’ll have ample opportunity to ask your customer about their spring season challenges – while you’re coaching their kid at hockey practice.

Advocacy | Safety & Security | Nutrient Stewardship

Agronomist of the Year
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When it comes to crop diagnostics, Troy LaForge is willing to dig deep.