CAAR’s mission – to enhance the business of agri-retail - is supported first and foremost through membership. CAAR’s members stand together to create the strong, unified voice for the agri-retail industry in Canada that CAAR is proud to represent. Membership fees are used to directly support the operations of CAAR, including the association’s outreach programs, training courses, conference and more. Your membership makes this association possible.

While the association does its utmost to keep membership fees low by finding creative way to bring in revenue to support its efforts to advocate for agri-retailers, there are opportunities for companies to support the association directly in other ways as well. For those companies interested in further support, please consider the association’s fundraisers below.

If you are interested in learning more about who CAAR represents or about CAAR membership, contact the CAAR office today.


CAAR Pro-Ag Investments

The CAAR Pro-Ag Investments is a diverse range of initiatives that center on heightening and strengthening the Canadian agriculture industry. Currently there are two ways that you can support the initiatives funded by CAAR Pro-Ag Investments:

  • Auction: The CAAR Pro-Ag Investments Auction is hosted annually at the CAAR Conference. Donate a prize (anything from crop inputs to flat screen tvs to fishing trips) and join us at the event to bid on prizes!
  • Bid and Buy: No auction is complete without its' buyers. Attend the CAAR Pro-Ag Investments Auction and know that every dollar you spend goes directly to the association.
  • Direct Donations: We are always grateful for your donations, and we’ll do our best to ensure everyone knows about your generous support!

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Sponsor The CAAR Conference

The CAAR Conference focuses specifically on building expertise, celebrating excellence, and leveraging a national network for the Canadian agri-retail industry. CAAR is dedicated to maximizing success in the agri-retail business industry, and the CAAR Conference is one of the key vehicles through which we accomplish that goal.

We recognize that every company has different values and a unique approach in how you connect with the retail industry, and CAAR is seeking to understand and support your goals in new and more valuable ways. We are open to creating more customized options for sponsorship and advertising, facilitating your connection with the agri-retail industry in new and exciting ways. CAAR is eager to partner with you in support of our shared goals while offering you unprecedented exposure and value in support of the agri-retail industry.

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Advertise With CAAR

One of the most significant sources of revenue that help us maintain low membership fees is the advertising revenue from our print and online publications, and they each offer great exposure for your business.

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