CAAR works to inform and support Canada’s ag retail sector, and our communications channels reflect this commitment. Our publications feature the news and insight that is important to your industry, delivered in a timely and relevant manner to readers nationwide.

The CAAR Communicator

The CAAR Communicator magazine is an award-winning publication focused exclusively on issues of interest to the ag retail industry and keeps members in touch with recent technology, government regulations, industry initiatives, and other CAAR members.

Published five times a year for more than 30 years, (February, April, August, October, December), The CAAR Communicator continues CAAR's mission of driving business and innovation for the Canadian crop production industry and focuses on the issues and successes of Canadian ag retail.

Submitting Articles or To Receive a Copy of the Magazine
If you would like to submit an article suggestion or receive your complimentary copy of The CAAR Communicator, please contact the CAAR office at 204-989-9300.

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The CAAR Network

The CAAR Network is our primary vehicle of communication, sent every two weeks to over a thousand ag retailers’ inboxes. Covering the latest news that affects ag retail, and important CAAR programs, events and updates.

Our online newsletter is member-focused and delivers timely, valuable information, helping CAAR members stay up-to-date on agricultural news, knowledge and relevant information.

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