We work to inform and support Canada’s ag retail sector, and our communications channels reflect this commitment. Our publications feature the news and insight that is important to your industry, delivered in a timely and relevant manner to readers nationwide.

The CAAR Communicator

Published five times a year for more than 30 years, (February, April, August, October, December), The CAAR Communicator keeps you in touch with recent technology, government regulations, industry initiatives, and your fellow members. The magazine has a distribution list of nearly 4,000 recipients across Canada and the U.S.

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The CAAR Network

A biweekly newsletter delivered to over a thousand ag retailers’ inboxes. Covering the latest news that affects ag retail, and important CAAR programs, events and updates.

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CAAR Membership Directory

The most comprehensive directory of ag retailers and suppliers in the Canadian agriculture industry. A coveted purchasing and networking tool that puts the contact information and pertinent details of hundreds of businesses and organizations at the fingertips of CAAR members.

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