CAAR membership pays off – members receive access to savings and exclusive services through the CAAR Perk$ program. Read more to learn how your business can save costs through West Can Group, a proudly Canadian, Manitoba-owned company offering savings on telecommunications services.

West Can Group offers CAAR members features like competitive rates on office long distance and cellular long distance calling, helping your business save money on crucial correspondence. West Can Group can also save CAAR members money through a free bill analysis.

“As specialists in the industry, we can identify where you can save money,” says Michelle Carlson, Affinity Group account coordinator for West Can Group. “However, if you are in a good place as it stands, we will tell you so. Our mission is to save money for the customer without compromising on customer service.”

Superior Service for Western Canada

West Can Group has been serving Western Canada for over 20 years. West Can was founded in Manitoba and then expanded its operations across the country to serve businesses and residential customers in both urban and rural communities.

“We have worked with rural customers throughout Canada and primarily Western Canada,” says Carlson. “We identify where the needs of a rural client may differ from an urban client, and we know what features complement a customer’s current service in a cost-effective manner.”

Along with their primary services, Carlson encourages retailers to consider the benefits of other services offered by West Can, like "reservationless" conference calling and inbound toll free services that can increase communications efficiency and save costs.

According to Carlson, West Can Group sees its participation in the CAAR Perk$ program as a natural fit, as the values between the two groups are well aligned.

“Like CAAR, we also strive to make a difference,” says Carlson. “We take pleasure in the great rapport with CAAR as a partner, and in turn with its members, that we have built over the years.”

Ready to access West Can Group's services today? Contact the CAAR office at 204-989-9300 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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