Evaluate and streamline your operations with help from Botree Inc., one of CAAR’s partners in the Perk$ program, a diverse collection of deals on valuable services available exclusively to CAAR members.

Botree works alongside businesses to optimize their people and processes to benefit their bottom line. Learn more about how working with Botree can help you maximize employee potential and increase efficiencies.

“Growing businesses are often so consumed with day-to-day demands, they have limited time to analyze or change how work is getting done,” says Stephanie Silvester, instructional design manager with Botree.

Botree has eight years of experience working with agricultural manufacturers and five years of experience working with ag retailers, primarily focusing on leadership skill development, sales training and demand generation training. Through these activities, Botree has developed a thorough understanding of the challenges facing Canadian ag retailers today.

“Money is often lost due to inefficient, or ineffective, procedures or organizational structure,” she says. “Employee attraction, satisfaction and retention are often also compromised in these environments.”

Botree offers businesses fast-acting solutions to identify these organizational challenges and improve workflow for greater efficiency and employee satisfaction, ultimately helping retailers maximize their bottom lines.

Botree’s services include:

1. Workflow Mapping workshops to analyze, then optimize current procedures. Botree clients will leave these workshops with concrete resources including a workflow diagram, with optional attachment/creation of supporting documents, templates and checklists.

2. Customized Training aligned to the needs of your company and your team. This training is takes highly interactive, engaging and blended approach with hands-on and digital components and also includes guided opportunities to apply theory to real-time challenges. Some example programs include sales, culture, leadership/management, software integration, client excellence, productive conflict, presentation/facilitation skills and change management.

3. Wiley DiSC programming. DiSC uncovers our natural preferences and tendencies toward work. “Understanding ourselves, and how we differ from others, is a foundational component to improving communication and working relationships,” says Silvester.

Wiley DiSc generates reports that include not just personal style, but also the style of others, as well as customized techniques for ‘bridging the gap’ between employee working styles.

Reports are customized to different contexts (Sales, Leadership, 360, Management, Workplace, Productive Conflict).

“We offer 'MyEverythingDiSC' to our DiSC clients. It is a tool that creates unlimited comparison reports, offers additional style information, and provides customized tips to optimize working relationships (working on projects, managing tension, etc.). Individuals can compare with anyone who has taken Wiley DiSC assessments – internally or externally. This tool is accessible on any digital device,” says Silvester.

This is just a taste of the innovative ways Botree can help your company start improving workflow and create lasting organizational improvements. Ready to get started? See the Programs and Services tab of your 2019 CAAR Roster.

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