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According to statistics Canada, the results from the June 2021 Field Crop Survey conducted with 25,000 Canadian farmers showed that farmers planted more canola, barley, soybeans and lentils, but fewer acres of wheat, dry peas, corn for grain and oats this planting season.

Dry conditions were a concern for farmers in parts of Western Canada throughout seeding and into the start of the growing season, and they continue to be a concern. Statistics Canada website says, “Precipitation at the start of the growing season was well below average, and although much of the prairies have received some precipitation throughout May, lower than normal soil moisture continues to be a concern.” One positive from the dry conditions was that it allowed producers to begin planting early and quickly.

Statistics Canada reported that farmers reported planting 22.5 million acres of canola, which is up 8.2% over 2020. “High global demand for oilseeds likely contributed to farmers' decision to plant more canola,” says the Statistics Canada website. “Increased demand has resulted in record high exports as of March 2021, resulting in lower canola stocks. High demand, coupled with decreasing supply, pushed prices to record highs in the first half of 2021, and are anticipated to remain high for the coming year.”

Saskatchewan farmers reported planting 12.1 million acres of canola, up 6.9% over 2020; in Alberta, canola area rose 14.5% to 6.7 million acres; in Manitoba canola planting was only up 1.0% to 3.4 million acres.

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