Banner for Cleanfarms collections this fall

Cleanfarms has announced the locations of its next regional events to collect unwanted, old agricultural pesticides and obsolete livestock, equine and poultry medications to help farmers safety dispose of these agricultural materials in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. The products are safely disposed of through high temperature incineration.

Be sure to take note if you are a retailer in one of these regions, where 70 events will be held in the fall:

  • Northern Saskatchewan –October 4 – 8
  • 20 locations in British Columbia and Okanagan, Interior, Kootenay, October 12 – 22
  • 11 locations in Southern Alberta – October 25 – 29
  • 20 locations in New Brunswick – November 1 – 12
  • 11 locations in Nova Scotia – November 1 – 12

Regions for the program are rotated every three years based on participation and feedback.

The cost of operating the program is covered by the crop protection industry, in partnership with the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI).

“We run this program at no cost to farmers so they can remove unwanted, old and obsolete agricultural chemicals such as ag pesticides and ag animal medications from storage on their farms. The program is designed to help farmers keep their farms clean and sustainable,” said Cleanfarms Executive Director Barry Friesen.

“CAHI and its members are proud to support the Cleanfarms collections,” said CAHI President and CEO Dr. Catherine Filejski. “As a sector, the Canadian animal health industry is committed to innovative and sustainable practices, both within our supply chains and after products are sold to end-users.”

For more information about how you can become involved as a retailer, contact Cleanfarms at 877-622-4460 or email Cleanfarms at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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