CAAR Perk$ Profile for Western Financial Group

Western Financial Group is a Manitoba-based company, with a holistic approach to insurance and a commitment to efficient and cost-effective services. Through the CAAR Perk$ program, CAAR members have access to Western Financial Group’s specialized insurance program for crop input dealers and custom applicators.

The Crop Inputs Insurance Program was developed in partnership with agricultural experts to ensure it meets the specific needs of Canadian ag retailers. The company’s level of specialized expertise makes Western Financial Group a good choice for CAAR members.

Western Financial Group understands the unique insurance needs of crop inputs dealers and offers a highly specialized program to protect their businesses.  CAAR members who join the program can receive a preferred rate on insurance and a complete coverage review to make sure their policy is tailored specifically to meet the needs of their business.

Features Tailored to the Industry

The Crop Inputs Insurance Program includes features that fit the needs of the industry, including: Spray Drift and Misapplication, covering retailers if farm losses occur from errors in application, such as windy days or dirty tanks; Seedsmen's Errors and Omissions, providing coverage for errors made in the mixing of seed or the failure of seed to germinate or conform to the variety of quality specified; and Professional Liability to cover the retailer in the event a third party suffers a loss as a result of a product recommended by you or your agronomists.

As well, retailers can operate their business with peace of mind, knowing they are protected from a loss of income in the event of a temporary shut-down, and from gradual or accidental environmental pollution as a result of fires, explosion, sudden spills and seepage.

When retailers purchase a policy through Western Financial Group’s Crop Inputs Insurance Program, they join a group of independent dealers and custom applicators all purchasing their insurance together. This group buying power creates immediate savings, access to better insurance coverage, and long-term cost stability.


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