2024-25 Saskatchewan budget well-received

SARM and the Wheat Board react positively to the new Saskatchewan budget, highlighting the benefits for agriculture and rural infrastructure while still voicing key concerns.

The Saskatchewan budget allocated $570.6 billion towards a variety of programs that support the agriculture industry; grain farmers will have access to a variety of risk management programs, including Crop Insurance and AgriStability.

“It is a great assurance to Saskatchewan grain farmers as we plan our 2024 growing season, knowing that these programs will backstop us,” said Daryl Fransoo, Chair, Wheat Board.

“The Saskatchewan Government understands the value that agriculture brings to our economy and hears the needs of grain farmers. Their stance on the carbon tax is a great step and one that the Wheat Growers supports,” closed Fransoo.  Grain farming exports over $20 billion in agri-food products and harvesting over 31 million acres across the province.

According to Ray Orb,, president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), the budget reflects several requests from the rural sector, especially in agriculture, showing a substantial commitment to the sector's growth.  

The budget’s focus on the Ministry of Agriculture, with historic investments, is seen as a significant win. Projects like the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Project, highlighted for its potential to revolutionize farming practices, received a notable $20 million investment. 

However, SARM has also voiced concern over the budget's rural road and bridge maintenance provisions. The increase in RIRG funding, deemed modest by SARM, fails to meet the escalating infrastructure upkeep costs. This gap, they argue, could impact the strategic transportation network vital for rural economies.

The organization stressed the importance of sufficient funding for rural municipalities to support their critical infrastructure. They highlighted the need for continuous collaboration with the government to ensure rural Saskatchewan's needs are met.

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