Grain Farmers of Ontario lobby for carbon tax exemption

Ontario grain farmers are calling on the federal government to exempt grain drying from the carbon tax. They argue rising costs threaten food security and come at a time when food bank lineups are in place.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario, a collective representing a staggering 28,000 farmers, is urging the federal government to exempt grain drying from the recent carbon tax increase which took April 1st, 2024. The carbon tax has now risen $80 per tonne, up from $65 last year.

Farmers argue they have no viable alternatives to drying grain and that the current technology is essential for ensuring safe food storage. They believe the tax unfairly penalizes food production and raises consumer food costs at a time when many Canadians rely on food banks.

Grain Farmers of Ontario Chair Jeff Harrison emphasized the importance of drying grain for food safety and public health. He pointed out that both the provincial government and Members of Parliament understand this necessity. Premier Doug Ford issued a public statement on the carbon tax.  Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson sent a letter to the federal government signed by Ontario commodity organizations.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario are requesting the federal Liberal government implement a grain drying exemption as soon as Parliament resumes after the Easter break. They firmly believe that without this exemption, food security and affordability for Canadians could be severely compromised.







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