As the ways in which our members seek out information evolve, your association is taking action to meet your expectations and deliver an enriched user experience.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce some new features on, as we continue to build on this important member communication channel to deliver the essentials for agri-retailers.

The Digital Communicator

Starting with this issue, the digital version of The Communicator will be found at and we will be discontinuing the dedicated site This decision was made after a review of the communications channels we were maintaining, with the goal of streamlining our efforts to deliver the most timely and relevant information to members.

The next time you want to share a story you read in the Communicator with one of your customers, look no further than

A New Network

Hopefully you’ve noticed the regular updates we’ve been making to, sharing news about the agri-retail sector and your association as it happens.

We’ve also made things easier for you to keep up-to-date by relaunching the CAAR Network. CAAR’s e-newsletter is now a bi-weekly blast of the most current and relevant news in the agri-retail sector, the whole story of which you’ll find on

Reaching Out to Producers

Sharing the story of agri-retailers with producers will be an important part of our communications strategy going forward, and the first piece of that puzzle was launched in January: Produce and Protect.

Features of the new Produce and Protect website is a content-rich web platform that will share the latest news and announcements from the agri-retail sector with Canadian producers. Features of the website will be used to gauge producer opinions and attitudes on issues affecting the agri-retail sector.

We are very excited about this new connection to Canadian producers.

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