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Retail members of CAAR are encouraged to voice opinions in 2020 survey.

In October 2020, the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR) launched an online member survey tailored exclusively to the retail members of the association.

“We targeted this particular survey to our retail membership to get critical feedback from the core group of our association,” says Mitch Rezansoff, executive director of CAAR. “As we approach the winter planning season ahead of our AGM we are asking our retailers to help us shape the direction of next year’s strategic plan.”

By taking the survey, Rezansoff says retailers are helping the CAAR staff to identify the most current issues and challenges facing Canadian ag retailers, be well positioned to respond to retailers’ evolving needs, gain insight into how retail members perceive the association and assess the value of the services CAAR offered in 2020, and future services for 2021 and beyond.

Click here to complete the survey to provide your input and help shape the future of CAAR, the survey will be open online for retailers to share their opinions until Friday, Oct. 30, 2020.

Growing Together with Members

One of the first questions retailers will encounter in the survey is their opinion on the mandate of CAAR, and whether or not they believe that mandate is being sufficiently met.

“With 2020 marking CAAR’s 25th anniversary, we’ve revisited so many milestones, decisions, successes and challenges for the association in the time since it was formed,” says Rezansoff.
“It has been a real reminder that at different times in our history, our retail members have had shifting requirements from CAAR,” he continues. “Now is the time to move forward to the next quarter century, we’re eager to listen to retailers on what they really need and want from us.”

The CAAR Retailer Member Survey covers all aspects of CAAR’s operations, including advocacy and lobbying, communications, the CAAR Conference and CAAR Training, along with questions on the current needs of ag retailers.

Rezansoff says he hopes the survey creates a valuable dialogue between board members and association members. In recent years, CAAR has increased retail representation on its board and committees, something Theresa Bolton is proud to support.

“The 2020 member survey gives us the tools to better support the Canadian ag retail businesses I am proud to work with and support through this association” says Theresa Bolton, chair of CAAR’s board of directors. “It’s important to continually check-in with our retailers so we can continue to learn and grow with those members.”

Crafting the Survey

In preparation to launch the survey, CAAR contracted a series of 60-minute phone interviews with a select number of retail members.

Current and former CAAR members were part of the interview group, and their responses to questions regarding CAAR’s current operations were used to refine and finalize the questions for the survey.

“Thank you to the participants in our preliminary group for helping us develop the right questions to take to the broader membership,” says Rezansoff. “These long form interviews were a really valuable opportunity to connect with members in an in-depth way, and we value your participation.”

The Importance of Participating

All responses from the CAAR Retailer Member Survey will be reviewed, discussed and considered during CAAR’s strategic planning session.

“Retailers are facing a complex industry landscape between the evolving needs of farmers, social and economic factors like public opinion and the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the new normal or mergers and acquisitions between global suppliers,” says Rezansoff. “CAAR remains dedicated to supporting retailers and helping you operate sustainable and successful businesses, and I hope you will take 10 minutes of your time to share your thoughts on how we can best do that.”

Visit to take the 2020 CAAR Retailer Member Survey today! The survey will be open until Oct. 30, 2020.

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