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CAAR Congratulates Jeff Holmes

The Retailer Hall of Fame award was established in 2008 as the “lifetime achievement award” for our industry. This award recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication over time. Jeff Holmes of Holmes Agro is this year’s winner of the CAAR Retailer Hall of Fame Award. 

Holmes Agro is an agricultural crop inputs retailer, supplying products and services in the areas of seed, fertilizer, crop protection and agronomic advice. He received the award during the 2021 Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Conference.

In 1995, general manager Jeff Holmes entered into a joint partnership agreement with Agrico Canada, and Holmes Agro was born. The company celebrates being in business for over 25 years and continues to be one of the local area leaders in the industry.

The company’s main office is located just west of Orangeville, Ontario, and has satellite locations in Redickville, Stayner, and Flamborough. The company currently employs more than 15 full time employees and 15 seasonal employees.

Holmes Agro strives to be a service-oriented company, which sells commodities through value added techniques, thus differentiating ourselves from others to enhance the profitability of our growers.

Jeff was a member of CAAR’s Board of Directors from 2000 to 2003 and served as Chair in 2002.

While accepting the award, Jeff said the following, “I believe that if this was in person, I would have to have my family and over 25 co-workers in front of me to receive this award. Anyone involved in ag retail knows that it takes a depth of people and a strong culture to be successful in today’s environment.” He went on to thank a number of key partners in the industry, as well as his team at Holmes Agro. “The last and biggest reason for where we are today. I want to recognize our growers. The growth of our business has all come from the success of our customers.”

Jeff continued by saying, “My passion 25 years ago, is still the same today: to be involved with grower success and align with a team of people with that same passion.”

He concluded by thanking CAAR, “CAAR do a great job defending us on issues, allowing us to do our business day to day.”

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